Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Letter to God about Boys, 1999, age 14

Dear Jesus,

Hey Wassup? I just felt like sending you a letter like this
Well my life has been kinda depressing lately. I hope no one else reads this because I want this to be for your eyes only. I am so sad because everywhere I look it seems like there are guys and girls together
I feel like no guy would really like me in that way
I really want a guy to love me
I really want someone to accept me and listen to what I say and not judge me.
God, I know you should fill that hole but I still feel like this. Guys keep giving me less attention than before.
In fourth grade lots of boys liked me but I guess their hormones took over if you get my drift.
Well I don't know any guys who would possibly fulfill this anyway. I want someone who knows you too. I have yet to discover
a guy who has met you like I have who would even tell anybody atleast.
But I trust you will send me someone perfect when the time comes if it does.
God, its really great that I found you. Its so wonderful. Its such a relief.
God I've heard about Joeseph's homelife and well I ask that you comfort him in that situation
Lord you are a miracle worker and if its your will,
I ask that you just really work in that situation because I can tell he really wants to find you and I ask that you just reveal yourself
to him and use me if I can be of service and God I sensed that on tuesday B was trying to change
O God that would be so fabulous!
And God I dont know but N is a lost case with us humans but nothings impossible with you
and you are really super!


  1. haha brilliant! if only i had the wits when i was at that age.

  2. yes!!! so great! "N is a lost case with us humans"!!!! ha ha. love it.